Phillip Master Money Market Fund

Phillip Master Money Market Fund (“PMMMF”) is a short term fixed income and money market instruments Fund that provides tax- exempt regular income stream while at the same time maintaining the principal of the investment.
PMMMF is deemed as low risk, liquid and a safe alternative to bank deposits and yet provides returns higher than the normal bank deposits

Tax Exemption on Interest Income For Corporate

Pursuant to paragraph 35 and 35A schedule 6 of the Income Tax Act, 1967 (the Act), interest income of a unit trust derived from fixed income instruments such as investments in government papers, Caga mas Notes, Corporate bonds/private debt securities, short term deposit/repos would be exempted from tax
Pursuant to Section 61 (1A), any amount distributed by a unit trust out of exempt income or gains arising from the realization of investment (which are not taxable on unit trust) are exempted from tax in the hands of unit holders, irrespective of whether the unit holders are individual or corporate unit holders
Source: Inland Revenue Board

PMMMF offers YOU Unparalleled Benefits

  • Safety of Capital

    • Fixed price of RM0.50 per unit and 100% in CASH.

  • Liquidity

    • T + 0 withdrawals with NO exit fees

  • Enhanced Yields

    • Target return of 2.80% – 3.20% p.a to maximize returns.

  • Tax-Free Income

    • Dividends are not taxable for investors.

  • Income Distribution

    • Interest accrued daily with monthly income distribution

  • Investor Protection

    • Governed by trust deed and regulated by the Securities Commission.

    • The Fund’s assets are protected through Trustee appointed for the Fund.